Adelfa’s: Authentic Cuban Cuisine

UPDATE: Find Adelfa’s Cuban Cuisine at Boise Farmers Market, 1500 Shoreline Dr., every Saturday from 9-1!!

From his earliest memories, Chef Noel Argote-Herrera has been cooking with his mother, Adelfa Hererra-Argote. Now, he brings his family’s authentic Cuban cuisine to Boise, Idaho.

Adelfa brought her family’s recipes from Havana, Cuba, her classic Cuban black beans, Cuban croquetas, lechón asado, the classic fricasé de pollo, and so many more.

Growing up in Los Angeles exposed Chef Noel Argote-Herrera to the world of international cuisine. From sous chef at Il Fornaio in San Jose, to cooking for the stars at Paramount Studios, to Boise State, NNU, and Micron, Chef Noel is ready to put down roots in the Boise food scene.

Chef Noel doing his thing at Paramount Studios in Hollywood

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